ASSA High Security Locks

Company History

ASSA® was established in 1881 by the blacksmith August Stenman after buying a small hinge manufacturer in the town of Eskilstuna, Sweden. One day his wife embroidered a pillow slip with his name forwards and backwards-"August Stenman, Stenman August", and so ASSA® became the name of the new company. By 1939, ASSA® had produced its first cylinder lock and delivered its first 5-pin cylinder master key system seven years later. In 1959, ASSA® introduced its first registered key systems with key control. In 1981, ASSA® celebrated its 100th anniversary as a company with the release of the ASSA® Twin 6000 system, a new cylinder concept utilizing the dual locking mechanisms of today's ASSA® cylinders.

ASSA®, Inc was originally opened in Naperville, IL as a marketing arm of ASSA AB in Sweden. Incorporated in 1984, ASSA®, Inc was a full line manufacturer of mortise locks, padlocks, auxiliary locks, and high security key systems. Under the direction of Wayne Wilkerson, who became president and CEO in 1989, ASSA®, Inc. was transformed into the largest high security cylinder manufacturer in the United States.

Starting in 1992, ASSA®, Inc. shifted their sales direction from independent dealer sales to institutional, industrial, and government sales. With the introduction of their new master keying capabilities they became the logical choice for institutions around the country. In 1996 alone, sales rose from under $500,000.00 to over 8 million.

Some of the customers who made this possible are The World Bank, The United States Supreme Court, Boeing, AT&T, Baltimore Ravens Stadium, The University of New Hampshire, Prince George's County School District, Alexandria City Public Schools, Tucson Unified Schools, and numerous Schools and federal government facilities.

With the introduction of the V-10 system in 1996, ASSA® ushered in a new generation of lock technology offering patent protected, unique geographically exclusive keyways for ASSA® authorized security centers and end users. The innovative V-10 key design and cylinder helped to eliminate unauthorized duplicate keys and to maintain a key control system that is unmatched in the industry.

In 2000, ASSA® introduced the Twin Exclusive, a patent-protected upgrade to the highly successful Twin 6000 series. Utilizing the same dual locking mechanism, the Twin Exclusive built on the original design and allowed one key to work both cylinders. That same year, ASSA®, Inc opened its doors to a new 5,000 square foot facility in New Haven, CT increasing its production capabilities with state of the art machinery and assembly equipment.

The ASSA® Twin Pro system was designed in 2003 to meet the demand of our customers for the most secure ASSA® system. Worldwide keyways can be obtained through written agreement with ASSA® for guaranteed exclusivity. The Twin Pro is not stocked by our traditional distribution outlets eliminating the possibility of the system being compromised. ASSA® trains facilities to service these locks in-house or they can be serviced by an ASSA® certified service center.

The Twin Maximum product line is set up to interface with the ASSA® Concept 4 CLIQ system. Combining high security mechanical cylinders and keys with state of the art electronics, the ASSA® Concept 4 provides the user with a level of accountability and system control unmatched in the industry. A full audit trail with date and time stamp ensures the security of all or selected openings within the system while the keys can be used to operate standard mechanical cylinders as well. The innovative ASSA® C4 is yet another example of why ASSA® continues to be the world's leader in high security and patented key control solutions.