Certified Responsibility For The Environment


ASSA’s quality and environmental efforts are controlled by the certified management systems, but they are also the result of our will and ability to achieve good results with a focus on the customer. This responsibility is delegated through the department managers to each individual employee. Each department has its own environmental representative to secure the practical environmental efforts.

Environmental analyses, aspects, measures and results are pursued in each individual division and then reported to the Safety Committee for review. Decisions on goals and plans are made in the management groups of the individual companies. The Safety Committee ensures that all measures for health and safety as well as the environment are coordinated naturally.

The demands for quality and environment often coincide, for example when developing products and production processes.

A focus on quality has long been a natural part of our business activities, but requires constant review and analysis to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to action plans and goals determined by the management.

Q&M certificate