Environmental Policy

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  • ASSA’s operations are to be carried out so that the environment is protected and raw materials and energy are consumed in the best possible way considering the current environmental goals. 
  • Our actions and our environmental work are to be improved continuously through a holistic view on what is technically possible, financially reasonable and ecologically motivated.
  • We strive to meet the authorities’ requirements by a good margin.
  • When designing new products, we will consider how the components included in them should be handled and taken care of during their total life cycle.
  • When planning for new methods, processes and investments, we will give priority to those generating less strain on the environment over otherwise equal alternatives. 
  • Good environmental management is to be one of ASSA’s competitive advantages. Environmental argumentation in marketing is based on facts and a holistic view. 
  • ASSA’s management group has an overall responsibility for environmental issues and for monitoring this work. The daily responsibility for environmental work is delegated to department managers. 
  • There are to be routines for handling and preventing disruptions and breakdowns. 
  • ASSA is to have a long-term environmental strategy and to follow the developments in environmental issues within its field of operations. 
  • ASSA’s attitude is to be characterized by openness and objectivity. Our personnel, customers and other stakeholders are to be informed as comprehensively as possible about the impact our products and processes have on the environment.