Identity and Brand


Life in the 21st century is based on a contradiction. Never have there been more opportunities or freedoms for people. Never have there been more fears and insecurities that can potentially block the expression of those freedoms. Therefore, in order for each of us to realize our potential, we must first feel absolutely safe and secure.

At ASSA ABLOY, we understand that a world that is safe and secure is a world that is more free. We are committed to creating high quality products that give people peace of mind at home and at work. We are dedicated to this task because we know that without peace of mind, none of us are able to tap into life’s possibilities. Physical and psychological security allows us to fling our doors open towards freedom.

What is freedom? Freedom is the universal hope of all humanity. It means living our life the way we want to. To be the best we can be. To be able to realize our potential and to create reality out of inspiration. And freedom is personal; there are as many different expressions of freedom as there are individuals.

ASSA ABLOY is more than a building, more than a group of people, more than a company. It is a state of mind and spirit. We understand that freedom enriches and that fear makes us poorer. From the factory to installation, every member of the ASSA ABLOY team is committed to excellence in door opening solution products and services that will allow each and every one of us to unlock the potential in our lives.
ASSA ABLOY. Unlock Your Life.