1940–1959 ASSA first in the world to introduce 7-pin cylinders

In 1946, the first lock system based on 5-pin cylinders was delivered. Since then, more than 150,000 functional security systems have been delivered, comprising over nine million cylinders.

The next year, 1947, ASSA was first in the world to begin manufacturing 7-pin cylinders. They were included in August Stenman AB’s security systems with the motto: “Locks are to be manufactured with precision in large series with small tolerances and demand for 100% security.” In 1951, ASSA began licensing out the manufacture of ASSA keys. Nearly 80% of ASSA’s manufacturing was exported in the 1950s – the reverse of today. One reason for the high export rate is that ASSA’s products were in high demand in Europe after the war. At the same time, ASSA was also expanding, for example with the 1952 acquisition of A/S Ruko in Denmark, which is still a fellow group company. In 1951, progressive ASSA was the first company in Sweden to introduce a five-day work week. It also opened a staff restaurant that year, and had finished plans for a well-functioning company daycare center, although those plans were never put into action.