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Mogul Cylinders

ASSA is the premiere manufacturer of mogul cylinders and master key systems in the detention center industry. ASSA master key systems are depended on by jails, prisons, correctional facilities, and behavioral health centers across North America and throughout the world.


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Strongest Keys. Strong Locks

ASSA prides itself on the strongest and most durable keys available. Help eliminate key breakage and all of the hassle that comes with it. ASSA keys are manufactured from high quality nickel silver, is designed to minimize wear, and uses a large key bow for simplified identification.


ASSA cylinders are UL 437 certified for high security protection. ASSA cylinders and key systems also feature:

• Innovative key design protected by U.S. and international patents*

• Two sets of key cuts designed to operate independent locking mechanisms

• Key cuts can be made using one of the readily available recommended code machines

• Key blanks can be purchased at a low 50 piece minimum per order

• Single key capable of integrating various types of lock cylinders and auxiliary locks

• Special stamping and custom coining available


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