Electronic Access Control

ASSA CLIQ™ intelligent locking systems combines the best of mechanical key and cylinder design with electronics in the smartest possible manner. The ASSA CLIQ is fully compatible with the Maximum+ and Twin Maximum mechanical key systems allowing the flexibility and convenience of one key operating both electronic and mechanical locks in the same master key system. The electronic programming of the keys gives authorization to individuals while providing the possibility of instantly blocking lost or stolen keys in locks electronically. Power is supplied by a standard lithium battery installed in the key thus eliminating the need for hard wiring at the opening.

Every time a key is inserted into a cylinder the transaction and its result are recorded with a time and date stamp and stored in both the key and cylinder. All keys feature a quartz clock which can restrict access to openings to certain days or times. Using a software program called ASSA Performer the user is easily able to make changes in locks and keys with special programming keys. Performer can be deployed on a single computer or on a network for use in a client/server application. The ASSA CLIQ technology utilizes high security encryption for transferring data that complies with DES protocol.



  • Installation Without Wiring at the Opening
  • Audit Trail with Time and Date Stamp
  • Extreme Master Keying Capacity
  • DES Encrypted
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Wide Range of Retrofit Cylinder Shapes
  • Same Key Operates both Mechanical and Electronic Lock


  • Battery Life 2 Years or 20K Openings
  • HID Prox Chip Option


  • 2 Years on Electronics
  • ASSA warrants against key breakage under normal use


  • Patented Key Control
  • Operating Temperatures: -40° F to 130° F

Technical Information

  • Power Supply is Provided by the Key
  • Data Transfer 64 Bit and Higher
  • Water Resistant
  • Sealed Electronics
  • No Wires


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