The new Maximum+ E SFIC cylinders, based on Maximum+ Restricted technology, provides seamless integration of SFIC with high security cylinders, both mechanical and electronic, all operated by a single key.

Cylinders can quickly and easily be changed by non-technical personnel by using a special control key which will remove the core from the lock housing. A core with a new combination can then be inserted and the lock will then effectively be "re-keyed." All of this can be done without having to take the lock apart which reduces the expense of calling outside service personnel to perform routine lock "re-keys."



  • Solid brass construction for excellent durability
  • Unique top and bottom pins, not compatible with existing SFIC pins
  • Solid Nickel Silver bottom pins reduce wear resistance
  • Individual pin chamber caps provide for ease of servicing
  • Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs

Technical Information:

  • Large master key capabilities
  • System compatibility with ASSA Maximum+ and CLIQ cylinders
  • New 0B7 profile integrates with 0A7 systems, however, 0A7 keysare not compatible with 0B7
  • One key flexibility for different 0B7 cylinder compatibility
  • Keys and cylinders are patent protected until 2030
  • Custom key coining available for added security
  • Can be pinned and repinned using traditional tools for BEST style cylinders (except the ejector pin)


  • 06 - Satin Brass
  • 26 - Satin Chrome

ASSA SFIC cylinders are warranted for two years against manufacturer’s defects. See the ASSA warranty for full details.

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