Architectural Specifications


High Security Lock Cylinders

ASSA Maximum+ Performance Specification

Provide high security lock cylinders as listed under U.L. 437 for indicated hardware with specifications as follows:

I. Cylinders - General

A.   Cylinders shall be high security, standard and/or interchangeable core, manufactured to precision tolerances and the highest quality standards. Cylinders shall have two independent locking mechanisms, to be operated by a single key. Cylinders shall be manufactured from solid brass extrusions or bar stock.  A ward in the keyway shall mate with an undercut groove, a portion of which is expanded, at its innermost part adjacent to an inclined surface wall portion, into a longitudinally extending pocket comprising opposite lateral walls and a lowermost wall, one of these opposite lateral walls of the pocket forming an inside wall of a ridge portion.

B.      Cylinders shall retrofit the following manufacturer’s mortise and/or auxiliary locksets:  Yale Interchangeable Core six pin housings only.

II. Cylinders - Physical Resistance

A.    Pick Resistance – Cylinders shall incorporate two or more independent locking mechanisms, including:

  1. Pin tumbler design with six top pin chambers.  Spool shaped driver pins shall be provided in pin chambers.  In addition, pin chambers in the cylinder plug shall be counter-milled to engage the lip of a spool pin in a picking attempt.
  2. Key cutting depth tolerances will be +0.00”, -0.0016”.
  3. Coded sidebar locking mechanism will operate independently of pin tumbler device.  Sidebar shall be milled from nickel silver, and physically capable of at least 2,500 different combinations, operated by five pins high quality nickel silver.  Sidebars shall be reversible, forming two distinct keyways each.  Side pins shall provide additional pick resistance in the form of false grooves for sidebar on each  pin.

B.    Drill Resistance – Cylinders shall incorporate hardened or case-hardened components to frustrate drilling attacks, as follows:

  1. Cylinder housing shall contain fixed in-place case-hardened steel inserts to protect the pin tumbler shear line.
  2. Cylinder plug shall contain casehardened insert to protect the side pins and sidebar mechanism.
  3. Spool shaped driver pins shall be made of stainless steel.
  4. Bottom pins & Master pins shall be made of high quality nickel silver 
  5. Side pins shall be made of high quality nickel silver.

C.   Pulling resistance – All ASSA conventional cylinders shall be designed and installed in locking devices in such a way as to resist sharp, forceful pulling forced intended to remove cylinders and expose locking mechanism.

III. Key Control

A.    Patents – Both cylinders and key blanks shall be protected from unauthorized manufacture and distribution by the manufacturers’ un-expired U.S. utility patents.  Manufacturer shall produce copies of un-expired patents upon demand.

B.    Security Programs – Supply keys and cylinders with appropriate assigned keyways and codes to control security and the availability of duplicate keys and service as follows:

Exclusive side code with profile. 

The supplier of high security cylinders and keys must demonstrate that key blanks and records of cylinders combinations (master bitting charts) are limited in access to the party or parties designated above.

IV. Keys

A.    The thickness of the key blade shall be a minimum 0.115 inches thick to prevent breakage.

B.    Size of key bow shall be a minimum 0.85 square inches to accommodate manually impaired individuals.

V.  Key Cutting – Key design and tolerances shall allow cutting of keys with standard code or  duplication machines.  The use of single purpose or keyway-specific machines shall not be required or allowed.