Care & Maintenance


ASSA products are the highest quality cylinder products on the market today. The following provides guidelines to maintain your ASSA products for proper operating conditions ensuring their optimal performance for you and your clients.


ASSA cylinders are mechanical devices and like any mechanical device they need regular preventive maintenance. At the time of installation cylinders must be lubricated with an ASSA approved lubricant. Wipe off any excess lubricant on exposed surfaces. Cleaning and lubricating the lock mechanism that the ASSA cylinder is being installed into is important as well. ASSA cylinders should be lubricated at least twice a year as normal maintenance.

  • Do not use graphite or silicone lubricants. Use only ASSA approved lubricants.
  • Do not expose ASSA cylinders to chemical wash.
  • Do not paint any cylinder surfaces.
  • Do not over lubricate ASSA cylinders.

(If you suspect your cylinder has been over lubricated or contaminated with excessive dirt or other particles or debris, thoroughly flush with ASSA cleaner deicer or use an alcohol base electrical contact cleaner. Let dry or dry with compressed air then re-lubricate with ASSA approved lubricant.)


Make sure that all key cutting equipment is properly calibrated in accordance to ASSA manufacturer's specification. This is the first consideration in the proper performance of ASSA cylinders. Periodically inspect keys in use and replace any keys that show physical wear.