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Controlled Product Delivery Form

In order to protect the integrity of our End Users' high security key systems, ASSA requires that our End Users complete an ASSA Controlled Product Delivery Form (CPDF) when placing an order for restricted product through wholesale distribution. The form will indicate where and to whom the restricted product will ship upon leaving the ASSA factory. Restricted product is defined as high security keyblanks, sidebars, sub-assembled cylinders (SUB), complete (COMP) and master keyed cylinders (MK), and factory generated master key systems (bittings & pinnings). All orders for the above mentioned products involving an End User proprietary keyway will require this form signed by an authorized signatory who is on file with ASSA before such orders can be processed. The form is available for download here:

Download the Controlled Product Delivery Form Now

For faster service, end users can utilitize the Record of Authorization Portal to eliminate the need for hard copy authorization letters, saving processing time. Click on the link below to begin using digital authorization for restricted product orders. 

ASSA ROA Portal 

Masterkey System Design Form

All new factory generated master key systems require a completed system design form signed by the responsible party representing the end user. The purpose of this form is to outline the parameters of the master key system and account for any special conditions that will affect its design. A well thought out system design ensures that all capabilities for master keying are available for future expansion of the system. ASSA cannot guarantee that special master keying conditions will be possible in a system if they are not accounted for on the original system design form. Therefore ASSA strongly recommends that the End User consider all possibilities for special conditions at the outset and note them on the form.

Note that special conditions will reduce the overall potential yield of a master key system and should be designed into the system only if absolutely required. The Master Key System Design form can be downloaded below. You will need Microsoft Excel to open the file.

Please e-mail the completed form to ASSA Key Records Department or fax to 800-892-3256

Download the Masterkey Design Form Now

Masterkey Order Log

ASSA® requires that master key information for all factory generated systems be transmitted in electronic format to our key records specialist. We have developed a simple spreadsheet that can be downloaded onto your computer and easily sent via e-mail. Please click on the thumbnail at left to see a sample of the ASSA® order log.

The order log template file can be downloaded below. You will need Microsoft Excel to run the program. Please e-mail the completed file to ASSA® Key Records. Master key purchase orders can be faxed to 800-892-3256. If you require any assistance with the order log template, please contact ASSA® Customer Service or your local ASSA® Sales Representative.

Download the Order Log Template Now

ASSA Coining Die Request Form

ASSA Inc offers the ability to custom coin your key.   

Custom coining is a factory key marking process that is used to enhance the security value of the key. Custom coining is different than key stamping. Stamping a key is good, but eventually that stamping can erode or become obscured due to wear. Keys that are merely stamped are also susceptible to alteration (removing or changing the stamping to something else, or simply removing the stamping all together). 

Custom coining uses the same process that the US Treasury Department uses to mark coinage. During the coining process, about 10 tons of pressure is put on the key to embed a unique ID/marking (you chose the marking) on the key bow surface. The coining process leaves the key with a raised marking; similar to the raised markings you would find on a piece of US currency. The coining process also leaves the key with a jewelry style finish that signifies its high quality.

Download the ASSA Coining Die Request Form

RGA Request Form

To request an RGA, please contact customer service first for approval, then complete the Returned Good Form below.

Download the RGA Request Form

Credit Application

To become an ASSA partner, please consult your local Territory Manager and fill out the below Credit Application.

Download the Credit Application