Advantages of CLIQ Remote


CLIQ Remote is an electromechanical cylinder with an additional level of security and flexibility, a natural choice for those looking for a modern security solution.

Programing at a distance with CLIQ Remote

A major advantage of CLIQ Remote is the distance function. This locking system can change access and permission at a distance. For example, you can sit in London and, through the Web Manager authorize keys via the programming terminal. A contractor in the North of England can gain access to a facility, maybe an antenna or a mast, by programming his/her key in a wall reader at the facility. CLIQ Remote is addressing clients who want to change permissions quite often but need mechanical security and have a geographical spread of its operations.

CLIQ Remot programming deviceThe system can time-control keys and give a user access only during office hours, or just on weekend nights. The keys are validated by the customer's own rules, perhaps every day or every week. If a key is not validated in the wall programming device within the regulated time, it becomes unusable / invalid.