Easy to install


Four screws and no cables may sound too good to be true, but that’s how easy it is to install cylinders to a lock.

Unlike other electronic solutions, a CLIQ Remote system does not require any wires or external power supply. The battery in the key provides power to the cylinder. This means users bring the power with them and the lock itself will never have a power failure. Being able to avoid wiring saves money and dramatically decreases installation time, especially on doors that are far apart. One important technical point is that installation will not affect the doors’ fire rating or sound insulation. The paragraph shown should be on the first page - A major advantage of CLIQ Remote is the distance function. This locking system can change access and permission at a distance. For example, you can sit in London and, through the Web Manager authorize keys via the programming terminal. A contractor in the North of England can gain access to a facility, maybe an antenna or a mast, by programming his/her key in a wall reader at the facility. CLIQ Remote is addressing clients who want to change permissions quite often but need mechanical security and have a geographical spread of its operations. The system can time-control keys and give a user access only during office hours, or just on weekend nights. The keys are validated by the customer's own rules, perhaps every day or every week. If a key is not validated in the wall programming device within the regulated time, it becomes unusable / invalid.

Invest in the future

Developing the system does not require any complicated procedure. You can change cylinders and keys according to your needs. Just program the cylinders and install them after the usual servicing procedures.