Frequently Asked Questions


How does CLIQ Remote work?

CLIQ Remote is a CLIQ locking system which gives additional opportunities to work with permissions through a web browser. This means full flexibility for the administrator who can also use automatic backup and completely avoid the risk of working in old versions. The web software is called CLIQ Web Manager. ASSA is updating and maintaining the software from its servers and the customer pays an annual fee to use the system.

How does CLIQ work?

CLIQ works like an electronic handshake: the key is inserted which engages with the cylinder and sends a random number to the key. The key replies with an encrypted response which is decrypted by the cylinder and if valid the cylinder then allows access. It is important to remember that the mechanical combination must match as well as the digital ‘combination’.

How large is the cylinder memory?

200 key groups; each key group holding 65,000 individual unique key combinations. This provides up to 13 million unique possible key combinations in one cylinder and can retain a black list of 3,000 keys.

How long does the battery in the cylinder last?

CLIQ cylinders do not have a built-in battery.

How many events are stored?

Each cylinder stores the last 1000 events. It then deletes the oldest. The last 100 foreign transactions are stored in the same manner.

How secure is CLIQ Remote?

CLIQ stands for the highest security. The locking system is based on the mechanical platform ASSA dp, which according to EN 1303:2005 and F & C approved in the highest security level. All communication between the key and the cylinder are encrypted according to highest current standards. ASSA CLIQ uses the 3DES encryption (Data Encryption Standard) The CLIQ Web Manager service uses 128-bit SSL and software certificates.

Is the electronic pin controlled by a solenoid or a motor?

The control mechanism is actually a very small motor, pictures of a dismantled cylinder is available to show how it operates.

Is the lock cylinder vulnerable to ‘bumping’?

No, it is not affected by this method, according to independent tests. More information is available on request.

Is the lock cylinder vulnerable to electrostatic discharges?

The locks were tested by DELTA Development Technology AB for Magnetic and Electromagnetic field attacks and passed all tests. More information is provided on request.

Material and appearance?

Lock cylinders are available in various finishes: brass, chrome and stainless steel. This means they can be used in modern and historical environments.

What are the benefits?

CLIQ will give you some of the benefits of Access control, such as adding, deleting and amending access rights, take audit trails from keys and cylinders as well as setting the key to expire on a specific date at a specific time. Also, lost or stolen keys can easily be deleted electronically.

What is CLIQ Remote?

CLIQ is a micro electronics platform which when combined with ASSA dp keys and cylinders provides an electromechanical locking solution.

What maintenance is required for a CLIQ cylinder?

CLIQ cylinders are lubricated with original ASSA lock spray, see ASSA maintenance manual. There is no additional maintenance on CLIQ cylinders.

When is the time inside the key updated?

The time is synchronized when the key is inserted into a Wall PD or programmed in a Local PD.

How often to change the battery in the key?

The battery in the key can be used for approximately 20,000 operations, or about two years. There is no battery in the cylinder. The key provide the necessary power for the cylinder when you open or lock.

What is an Overdue Key?

An overdue key is one that has been handed out to an individual, and it has not been handed back in by the time/date set in the program. It is there to alert an operator that a key has not been returned on time.

What if a key is lost?

All keys has a predetermined validity, it may be e.g. 1 year from the handout date. To complement this, the key can be active in a given number of hours, after that time, the key authorization need to be renewed. If the door needs to be secured before time expires in the key the administrator can physically go out to the cylinder and block the selected key by using a c-key.

What if a key is not returned?

We would recommend that time schedules are set to each key, so if the key is not returned it will expire, or can be removed from the cylinder with the c-key.

What is a Wall PD?

A Wall-PD is a device used to update keys. This is only used if you have a CLIQ Remote system. The device is fixed to a wall. An example of a utilization point can be a wall at the exit of the department. The Wall PD is governed by its own network and has Static or Dynamic IP address. The device comes with 7-24 volts AC / DC or Power over Ethernet. PoE. Users are able to read status messages via LEDs.

Does the Wall PD need a network connection when power cycled?

The Wall PD can be switched on without a network connection, once on and when it has gained access to the internet it should stay available at all times.

Can the information be taken off the Wall PD by anyone?

No, there is no data stored on the Wall-PD, it is stored on a server until the correct key is inserted and only then is the information securely transferred.

What is CLIQ Web Manager?

A web-based tool for managing CLIQ Remote locking systems. It runs inside an internet browser. See the Web Manager manual for detailed information.

Is there an ability to upload a Key holder’s photo?

CLIQ Web Manager points to a URL in order to display a photo. The database itself will not hold any photos, however a server can be used for this type of service to contain employee photos.

Are there several levels of Admin rights?

Yes, the Master C-key can authorize up to 99 Setup Keys with several different types of admin rights. E.g. Hand out keys, create access profiles, authorize cylinders.

What is the function of Administration-Maintenance?

This function should be used when upgrades of the system is planned that requires that no administrator makes changes that can affect the database. One example of such work can be when a system is extended with multiple keys or cylinders.

Can the audit trail display if a cylinder is currently open or closed?

The system does only indicate that a valid / invalid key has been inserted in the cylinder. The system is not Access Control in its true sense, more Access management, and does not have all the features of a full access control system.

Can the CLIQ Web Manager handle time zones?

The time is configured by the administrator; all the keys in the system will have the exact same time. More information is available on request.

What are “Domains” in Web Manager

Domains manage the rights of administrators to see each other's information in the locking system. An administrator in system A cannot see log files and information about users in system B.

What if the web-browser application hangs?

This may reflect a busy server. Restart web-browser in that case.

Where are the servers?

Volvo IT – Sweden.

What about IT Governance?

ASSA offers a full SaaS contract for the Web Manager service. It can be fully integrated into any IT environment. All updates and consultation is controlled trough a Support contract.

Can I host this myself?

Yes, but there would be additional costs.

What if there is no internet connection on a particular site?

Then the mobile updating unit is the perfect choice. The Mobile PD working on the GSM/3G/UMTS network paired with a smartphone. For more information contact your ASSA representative.

How to procure a CLIQ Remote locking system?

For projecting of a CLIQ Remote locking system please talk to your dealer. The ASSA planning department will be contacted for specifying the details.