The keyword is security


Unauthorised copies of keys and an unknown number of keys distributed to people, both within and outside the organization, are common problems today. In addition to daily administration of keys, system owners lack adequate security control. If theft occurs and a lost key shows up in the wrong hands, insurance companies initiate a comprehensive investigation. That’s why ASSA, with CLIQ Remote, is further improving key control and putting security first.

Flexible and cost-effective solutions

With ASSA dp and CLIQ Remote, different levels of security can be combined in the same master key system, without needing multiple keys for users. The same level of security on all doors in a building is rarely necessary. Higher security is usually required on perimeter security doors and on doors to sensitive areas such as IT rooms, R&D and sensitive data storage rooms. Rooms with the same high level of security is unnecessary and therefore some rooms can be fitted out with cylinders of a lower security class. That means it is possible to customize a more advantageous and cost-effective locking system.
Each individual receives just one key to open the doors to which he or she should have access. ASSA CLIQ Remote offers two different security levels, all within the same locking system:

  • Electronics combined with high security
  • Mechanical high security


Security for the future

Without a patented security solution, no master key system is secure. Therefore, ASSA CLIQ Remote has a strong patent that protects you from illegally copied keys for as long as the patent is valid, which makes ASSA CLIQ Remote the optimum security system throughout its lifetime.