Web Manager


CLIQ Web Manager is a management application that is located on ASSA's server, it's a cloud-software(SaaS).

Access at a distance with CLIQ Web Manager

When changes need to be made in a CLIQ Remote locking systems are handled on a computer with Internet access. The administrator connects to the CLIQ Web Manager via the browser, no software needs to be installed on your computer to administer.

Unauthorized login is not possible

CLIQ Web Manager uses a SSL certificate to authenticate the administrator and this must be installed on the computer you want to control the locking system from. This certificate is part of the security settings, for greater security the administrator must also have a programming terminal and an administrator key available when changes are made in the locking system.

Backup automatically

There is no need to organize any backup procedures for each locking system. Automatic backup is an integral part of the CLIQ Web Manager.

CLIQ Web Manager guides and manuals