With warnings that the health service in England could face a £30bn annual shortfall by 2020, the need to provide cost-effective security solutions has become an increasing concern and ASSA’s CLIQ Remote technology can help.

Implementing a key management system, such as ASSA’s CLIQ Remote technology, can restrict access to only those people with the necessary credentials.

By integrating the mechatronic system with standard mechanical cylinders, it is possible to combine different levels of security in the same master key system, without needing multiple keys for users.

Each designated staff member will receive one key to open the doors to which he or she should have access.

ASSA’s CLIQ Remote also automatically records key entries in all CLIQ enabled cylinders meaning that an audit trail is automatically recorded for security to review when the key is updated.

For hospitals with large numbers of personnel, key management seems almost an impossible task. A copied or lost key is an immediate security threat, and replacing lock cylinders and keys combined with administrative work can be highly resource and cost intensive.

CLIQ Remote systems allow building managers to simply deactivate or reprogramme keys remotely to change their access rights.
Consequently if an employee leaves, or a group no longer requires authorisation to a building, keys can be updated conveniently and cost-effectively, without the need for keys to be duplicated or lock cylinders to be replaced.