Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital


Manufacturer of door hardware and ironmongery, ASSA was called in to supply Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital with a smart new security system. Part of the Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust, the 450-bed hospital provides acute health services to a population of around 300,000 patients across Hampshire and west Berkshire.

ASSA Smartair offered a convenient and cost-effective answer to a frequently encountered problem, as Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust’s Derek Searle explained: “Previously, we had a number of push button combination door locks across the site, which were controlled by individual departments.   

“With 2,800 employees, there have been occasions when security personnel needed to force entry to access a room, for example if a staff member was absent or hadn’t shared their pass code.  We therefore wanted a solution to prevent such a situation reoccurring and that we could manage centrally.” 

Thanks to the intelligent Smartair software, the system allows each hospital department to fully control staff access without sharing or revealing private user information.  However, it also ensures that members of the security team can easily override doors and gain immediate entry.

Specified by David Spendlove, technical sales manager at Fareham-based security partner Access Key and Lock, the system grants access through a credential card.  Smartair was able to integrate with the hospital’s existing access control system and therefore allow staff to use a single, multi-functional card.  The card also doubles as a staff identification method.  

A battery-powered unit, Smartair features sophisticated monitoring capability and can provide audit reports to show who has accessed a room.  In addition, the system is easily retrofitted to existing locks and key systems, reducing the inconvenience of hardwiring a full access control system.

Derek Searle added: “With Smartair, we have been able to regain control across the site and no longer need to worry about accessing rooms if staff are unavailable.  What’s more, if a card is lost, it can be easily deactivated and we can then programme a new one and adapt it according to which areas the individual needs to access.”

Roy Buckingham, specification development manager with the ASSA operating company – ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions – added: “Within healthcare environments, it’s vital that any form of security is convenient, cost effective and ensures maximum safety for staff and patients.  It is great to hear that Smartair has provided a real solution for Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

“The expense of the Smartair system is also substantially lower than the cost of integrating a full access control system, meaning that is possible to substantially upgrade security levels – even if budgets are tight.”