Chase Terrace Technology College, Staffs


An arson attack in August 2002 destroyed the main teaching block, of Chase Terrace High School, which reopened in September 2004 as Chase Terrace Technology College. The need to re-build the school’s teaching facilities and the subsequent local demand for evening classes accounted for the change in the facility’s educational status.

In addition to the main requirement for higher security following the fire attack, there was the need to integrate new and existing buildings as well as the requirement to monitor visitors out of normal school hours. ASSA ABLOY were called in to design and install a bespoke security system to meet these issues.

The objective

Improve the level of security in an educational facility comprising new and existing buildings.

In addition to the need to increase security following the fire attack there was the added requirement for adult education classes and the monitoring of visitors out of normal school hours.

Creating a security system

ASSA ABLOY produced a security system to work with the new design of the college. A tunnel effect was created with all corridor doors held open on electromagnetic hold open units to reduce the wear and tear on door closers and the doors themselves. If required these doors could then be locked off to increase security.

All classrooms were fitted with classroom escape locks, favoured by the county fire officers, with stainless steel door furniture.

A master key system was installed to create departmental pass groups and floor sub masters. Extension capability was factored in so the old school buildings could be added at a later date.

The installed system provides ease of use for staff, school children and evening class students through simple operating methods and functionality.

The highest levels of security are assured by combining an electronic door closing system with an integrated physical security solution that operates fully with pre-installed security methods.

The system installed is designed to cope with change and expansion as well as providing a high level against physical attack.