• Easy to install: access rights are stored in the door device making it independent and robust, whilst minimising communication problems
  • Easy to manage: Easy to add, delete and update user rights; easy to update locks
  • Battery powered wireless devices for all kinds of doors, no cabling is needed
  • Contactless, keyless technology and personalised cards
  • Credentials can be used also for other purposes (e.g. vending machines, payment points etc.)

With SMARTair™, the facilities manager can manage access using calendar schedules for different user groups. The system offers on-going flexibility: new doors, new users, new access rights and schedules can easily be incorporated at any time.

If a card gets lost…
… the facilities Manager generates a new
card in the system software (1) and programmes the new card using
the encoder (2).
The lost card will be cancelled.

If audit trails are needed…
… the SMARTair™ device can communicate directly with the system software, delivering comprehensive information about locking events, users, access times and much more.