SMARTair™ KeyPad escutcheon


The new SMARTair™ KeyPad Escutcheon brings the multi-factor authentication to the SMARTair™ escutcheon range.

The new SMARTair™ KeyPad Escutcheon allows three levels of authentication and includes light and audio feedback. It can be opened by code only, by RFID-enabled smartcard only, or can require both to permit the access. The new KeyPad escutcheon has a more modern slim design, perfect solution for any interior door application. Key features and benefits include:

  • Modern, slim design with illuminated digits (blue, green, red)
  • Works with both a 4-digit entry code and RFID smartcards
  • Battery powered and easy installation
  • Buzzer for audible confirmation 
  • Internal escutcheon with hidden screws
  • Possibility to install outside IP54 (extreme model)