ASSA is the premier manufacturer of mogul cylinders meeting the UL 437 high security and the ASTM 1577 detention lock standards.  ASSA mogul cylinders and master key systems are used in a wide variety of detention lock systems for the protection and reliability provided by the Twin dual locking mechanism.  ASSA offers a full line of cylinders designed to retrofit most U.S. lock manufacturers' grade 1 locksets, exit devices & auxiliary locks.

Correctional institutions incarcerate over 2.2 million people in America and require very secure detention hardware for inmate and correctional officers alike.  ASSA mogul cylinders are used as much for the security they provide as well as their reliability in a very demanding environment.  ASSA master key systems are deployed in many jails and prisons across North America today and many more throughout the world.

To learn more about ASSA's products for detention, please take a look at our detention brochure.