Security needs for healthcare facilities are more critical than ever.  An increasing number of crimes are being committed in hospitals and clinics. Concerns about access to medical records, pharmaceuticals, acute care facilities, operating rooms, biohazard and lab facilities call for ASSA high security key systems.  CLIQ cylinders are used in drug storage, distribution, radiology and imaging facilities to provide time zone access control and audit trail information.

Joint Commission audits look for security vulnerabilities and HIPPA compliance is under more scrutiny with higher patient volumes expected from the Affordable Healthcare Act.  ASSA offers field proven high security key systems to meet the ever growing need for confining access to hospital employees and staff. 

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing population requiring elder care many  geriatric service providers are protecting their facilities with ASSA high security lock systems to mitigate potential intrusion as well as maintaining a secure perimeter to prevent patients or clients from wandering away from their rooms and living quarters.