Entertainment & Leisure Facilities

Stadiums, arenas and theaters serve many people with unique access and egress needs with volume and timing considerations that dictate the access rights provided. ASSA provides the right solutions for safety and security. Museums contain priceless cultural artifacts which need thorough protection. The door hardware and lock system must harmonize with the architecture of the building while providing the greatest possible security.

School facilities

The buildings must be protected unauthorized visitors, theft & vandalism. The needs vary between preschools, elementary, middle schools and high schools.  Accessibility that serves student & staff needs at key time of the day is important to control and protect. CLIQ technology allows us to create excellent access control

Sports centers

Sports centers have lease locations and luxury boxes that need convenient but comprehensive access control.  Controlling shrinkage and losses in a crowded environment is a challenge which requires the access control system ensures only authorized individuals have access to these facilities. Emergency egress for thousands of people is critical, emphasizing the need for proven commercial lock systems that meet local & state codes for safe evacuation.

The right security in the right place

With ASSA’s product solutions, you get the right security in the right place. The ability to combine mechanical locking and electronic access control features in an ultra-effective security solution that meets your existing and future needs.