Higher educational institutions are open to the population they serve and can become the target for crimes of opportunity.   Valuable artwork, archives, studios, university staff and students alike can be endangered.  ASSA high security key systems meet the special needs of these institutions through the physical protections of their UL 437 listed cylinders and by providing superior master keying capability.  ASSA Twin & Maximum+ key systems feature six pin positions with nine different cut depths as opposed to only six cut depths for most key systems.  This combined with 2,805 different side codes provides millions of available combinations for the largest universities & colleges in the world.

Given the opportunity students make many unauthorized duplicate keys to offer friends access to dormitory rooms, labs, studios and offices.  Well intentioned as this may be, these duplicate keys often come into the possession of someone with malicious intent.  ASSA keys are legally protected against unauthorized duplication by utility patent rights granted by the U.S. Patent Office.  All ASSA educational institutions sign agreements requiring them to protect ASSA keys and key system information.  Signature authorization and verification ensures that only those with proper authority have access to ASSA keys and key system information.