Nothing is more fundamentally important than protecting our children.  ASSA high security lock systems are an integral part of many K-12 physical protection plans because they retrofit most grade 1 commercial locks used in schools today.   ASSA cylinders meet UL 437 high security lock standards to resist most forms of physical attack.   Drilling, hammering, picking, sawing and pulling are common methods employed by criminals to gain entry and ASSA cylinders stand up to these attacks on perimeter and internal doors.

A less obvious, but highly effective, way to defeat a lock is to obtain an unauthorized duplicate key.  ASSA keys are legally protected against unauthorized duplication by utility patent rights granted by the U.S. Patent Office.  All ASSA customers sign agreements with ASSA requiring them to protect keys and key system information.  Signature authorization and verification ensures that only those with proper authority have access to ASSA keys and key system information.

ASSA CLIQ electromechanical cylinders provide more sophisticated time zone electronic access control to capture an audit trail with the date, time and registration number of every CLIQ key, authorized or unauthorized, in that cylinder up to 1,000 events.