Environmental Product Declarations & Green Buildings

Since 2008, ASSA ABLOY is leading the way towards a more transparent and sustainable global industry with its participation in the EPD program.

An Environmental Product Declaration is a complete mapping of a products environmental footprint based on a detailed LCA (Lifecycle Assessment), independently verified by an accredited 3rd party.

It does not guarantee a product is energy efficient or sustainable, but allows the user to make an informed choice when selecting one solution over another.

EPD Fast Facts

ASSA ABLOY is leading the way, with more than 250 environmental product declarations across the Group since 2008
Environmental product declarations are based on the ISO14025 and EN15804, internationally recognised standards
Product specific EPDs are worth twice as much as industry generic EPDs

Key benefits of EPD certified products

Can contribute credits towards green building certification, such as BREEAM or LEED
Allow customers to make informed decisions, by knowing exactly what is in our products
Can help reduce a building's environmental impact

Across all regions, it is forecasted that more than 60% of building projects will be green by 2018.

Green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water consumption with lower long-term operations and maintenance costs.