Innovation for sustainable solutions

Innovation is the basis of future growth. As the global leader in door opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY also seeks to be the most innovative.

Innovation is part of ASSA ABLOY’s background and history. Since 2005, we have increased our R&D investment by 130 percent and grown the number of product design engineers to 1,400.

Sales of products launched in the past three years account for almost 30 percent of total sales while sales of electromechanical products, including entrance automation, have increased from 20 to 49 percent of Group sales since 2000.

2005 | SEK 28 billion

2015 | SEK 68 billion


Mechanical products


Entrance automation


Electromechanical products


Security doors

As a result, for the second time in a row, ASSA ABLOY was part of Forbes' World's 100 Most Innovative Companies list, ranking 78th in 2013 and 93rd in 2014.

With two decades worth of experience, ASSA ABLOY continues to lead the development of the security industry, introducing sustainable, safe and secure solutions. 

Sustainable products and processes are inherently more efficient in their use of resources. ASSA ABLOY can reduce costs and create value both for the Group itself as well as its customers by making sustainability an integral part of the product innovation process.

Every attempt is made to ensure that newly designed products are as energy efficient as possible. Our aim is to develop new product concepts that solve customer problems and create customer value, based on sustainable solutions and processes.

Initiatives such as Future Lab, ASSA ABLOY’s innovation incubator, allow all relevant stakeholders to interact and discuss security trends with experts and to influence product development.