Current technologies


ASSA’s latest high security technology is patent protected to 2030 and features our trademarked Security RidgeTM on the key. Maximum+ is backward compatible to our Twin Maximum system  allowing Maximum+  keys to operate both cylinders. All Maximum+ products integrate with the ASSA C4 CLIQ electromechanical access control system.

CLIQ Remote

 Developed in 2013  this system allows the customer to administrate his C4 CLIQ system from anywhere there is internet or a cell phone signal available. CLIQ Remote allows you to change authorizations often, with the added protection of a high security mechanical lock. The system is designed for institutions with facilities spread over a large geographical area. One person — regardless of location - can grant or deny access remotely to a building. It also offers keys that are authorized for a programmed time interval, then stop working.


 The ASSA C4 CLIQ electro-mechanical key system is an EAC lock system that combines the best of high security key and cylinder design and electronics. The CLIQTM technology was developed by several ASSA ABLOY companies. This high security key and cylinder with added electronic access control features is powered by a standard lithium battery installed in the key, eliminating the need for hard wiring at the door. Every key inserted into a cylinder is recorded with a time and date audit trail stored in the key and cylinder allowing the user to monitor access.