Legacy technologies

ASSA High Security Key Systems


Twin 6000 Classic

 In 1981 this ASSA key system was the first to employ the patented dual independent locking mechanisms providing optimum pick resistance and key control. Marketed to both the locksmith and end user markets, the Twin 6000 allowed the user to “own” their own side code and was the first ASSA system to earn a UL 437 status, tests designed to measure a cylinder’s resistance to picking, pulling, drilling, and forcing attacks.

Twin V-10

 In 1996, ASSA introduced a new patented key system designed to meet commercial hardware needs with millions of master keying combinations. The very narrow keyway inhibits picking tools from easily entering the key way.

Twin Exclusive

 Introduced in 2000, Twin Exclusive was a patent-protected upgrade to the Twin 6000 series. Twin Exclusive keys work both Twin Exclusive and 6000 cylinders.

Twin Pro

 This system was developed in 2000 for large institutional end users and ASSA Certified Service Centers. ASSA offers training for facilities with in-house locksmiths to service these locks or they can be serviced by an ASSA Certified Service Center

Twin Maximum 

The Twin Maximum system is the ASSA C4/CLIQ key profile. It is now possible to combine extremely large mechanical key master key systems with C4 CLIQTM technology.

ASSA Medium Security Key Systems

600 Series 

The ASSA 600 Series incorporates many High Security features but does not have a sidebar or side pins.

Twin Low – The Twin Low product is a low cost alternative with some Twin 6000 profiles but without the restricted sidebar component. The key holder has the convenience of operating 3 levels of security (Twin Exclusive, Twin 6000 Classic, and Twin Low) with the same key.

500/700 Series 

Only key blanks with existing profiles are available by special order to support existing systems.